“Listen to the desert and I will speak to your heart” (Prophet Hosea 2:16) Photographs taken in a remote area of Arizona, USA Desert changes little over time. Spires and pillars take aeons to form. Desert light is sharp and concentrated and burns with magnesium intensity throwing ink black shadows... For me the concept of 'desert' is not a barren desolate place; overwhelmingly it is a place of silence - a place has the potential to change you at some deep level. Perhaps a change largely incommunicable to those who fear to go there. You can't escape yourself in the desert - nobody else to project onto, so you have to face your own dark shadow. The stark landscape of desert has little value in ordinary western terms - it offers little wealth and is difficult to live in. What it offers is a place outside the concept of your self identify and the life you lead... finding oneself isolated in a new world of supernatural beauty and purity, one can forget oneself and be outside the normal bounds of society.