Thank you for visiting my new website which, as content is added, will represent my personal work over the past fifteen years or so.

I have decided to make a clear division between my personal and commercial work (I am a full time professional photographer) by way of a second website devoted completely to personal photography - which is almost all black and white. Although my commercial work is merely quite an enjoyable way of earning money, it is the images featured here which I take for myself...

Although I originally started in photography photographing insects, a subject I had an interest in, my subject matter has drifted more towards landscape then in other areas like flower and still life. Recently I have found I am more inclined to photograph abstract objects.

From the beginning i've always been drawn to using medium/large format equipment with fine lenses, printing the results in a number of darkrooms which have been built over the years. In fact the latest and best of my darkrooms was only completed a year or so ago. But it will be the last as I work though my collection of negatives and stores of photographic paper. After that I will decommission it and rely solely on my digital equipment which, if I am honest, I can be a lot more expressive with. I never was a darkroom master - just competent. I find myself using the darkroom more and more as a means to use the lith process - a look difficult to achieve digitally.